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the team of the Košice dental clinic

Dental clinic Košice
Alexia Creative

that is a perfect smile without tooth decay, bleeding gums with clean fresh breath. The dentists in our clinics will provide you with above-standard services of high-quality dental care. By regularly attending various educational seminars in Slovakia and abroad, we constantly develop and increase our expertise.

The latest techniques

We use materials from renowned global manufacturers and strictly follow work procedures, which guarantees high precision and quality of our products.

Modern technologies

We work with top technologies, follow developments, modernize the equipment and materials of our dental technology according to the latest trends in dentistry.

Certified experts

Our team consists of creative and ambitious people, to whom we give space for their development and self-realization through practice and professional courses at home and abroad.

services of our dental clinics in Košice

Entrance inspection

Dental hygiene
Teeth whitening



Endodontic Mikroskopická

Dental care for children and youth

Dental care for the whole family.

If the family dentist in the city of Košice knows the state of the parents' teeth , their hygiene habits, deviations in the position of the teeth and jaws, we can predict the development of the children's teeth and predict decay.


Adult care




Orthodontic care

Four dental clinics at the clinic in Košice

they are ready to take care of you and your whole family. We provide comprehensive care, including dental surgery, dental hygiene, and long-term care.
The care of our dentists for you is one of the basic characteristics of our team.


call: +421 907 927530

OC Ondava
Ludvika Svobodu no. 1
Košice – Furča

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